Who are we?

We are a team passionate about results. We enjoy a good conversation, nice friendly people and providing valuable information. However, our we main focus is providing real change and difference.

We know how demanding and difficult it can be to gather a number of people under the same roof and collaborate together, harmoniously.

We know how easy it is for people to transform general conversations in (Non) academic debates due to get upset, sleepless nights, lack of coffee or other unsaid discomforts.

And we know it’s not easy to manage them all.

That’s why we’re here. To help you simplify your life. No matter what position you’re in the company. We can easily see what areas can be improved – and we are ready to create customized courses and dedicate our time exactly to your needs.

Find out more about us below.

National Coverage

We know that Romania is a big country and making long journeys are sometimes difficult, but even so we have the ability to work with up to 3000 employees distributed throughout the country.

Being located in the big cities of the country, we can easily provide national coverage.

Experience and Figures

In recent years, we have delivered complete training programs for companies in various fields of activity: retail, production, advertising, HORECA, motorsport. Thousands of hours of training, on court coaching and 1:1 field meetings.

We also like to work in projects with EU Funding. We understand these projects are difficult for some, but we take these programs with the same passion and orientated result. And, of course, we conclude the programs with accurate reports based on data received back.

While numbers may seems less important in training, we still care about them, as they were obtained with a lot of effort, but also with much love and with results that we are proud of. In the last 3 years each member of our team delivered an average of 670 hours of classroom and on-court coaching interactions to an average of 420 people.


There were times when even we were taught 😊. We were taught by real professionals and we applied most of the things learned. Here are some of the certified courses we’ve taken: Trainer, Personal Development Advisor, Skills Assessor, Trade Worker, Project Manager, Coach.