Why choose us?

We’re not only focused on course completion by the individual, but on passing the participant through a variety of different trainings and coaching to enhance their ability, knowledge and skills to further develop their career or for personal aspirations.

That’s why we don’t just offer trainings – we offer a real change.

See below why you should choose us.

Why are TTH trainings different?

We understand that not everything is black and white – There can also be a lot of grey areas, especially when talking about business, where a multitude of cultures, pressures and external factors can make it difficult. Team communication can make it difficult to achieve the desired result. That’s why we don’t just offer trainings – we offer real change.

We begin with an introduction. Followed by a small discussion on how we can help:

– What are the objectives of the course?

– What knowledge, skills and attitudes are required for the employee/s?

– What are the KPIs to achieve?

Next step, we’d like to know some ins and outs of your business:

– We will get acquainted with the company, its culture and the market in which it operates.

– We will analyze the client’s needs, objective and structure (Personalized questionnaire. Telephone, Online or Face to Face interviews etc.).

After we’ve gathered and analyzed this information, we will begin creating a unique training program for you.

We don’t like to lose money and resources. Therefore, we outline a program focused strictly on needs and company expectations. We make sure it is:

– Friendly, interactive and empathetic – we understand that not everyone is a fan of training, so we try to make it as interactive and enjoyable as possible to provide experience for any participant.

– Efficient and concrete – we don’t dwell on stories; we use our professional training knowledge to trigger concrete changes, to determine the real steps to follow in the future and for us to meet the objectives set above. When everything is ready, we provide the program. Each group enjoys 2 trainers, so that the interactivity remains high throughout the whole course.

If we continue with other programs in the future, we will make sure that the previous two trainers are available – so we can keep the continuity and connection for the trainees. In addition, we increase the level of openness on the trainee’s part, and creates a trusting trainer-trainee relationship.

Subsequently, we report and evaluate the activity of the course.

We know it’s important for you to know what’s happened to the company-funded programs. Therefore, on the final program, you will receive:

– A report describing exactly what’s happened during the training;

– Feedback from and to participants through online applications.

– SWOT analysis by event.

Last but not least, we offer support and follow-up.

As Rome wasn’t built in one day, also the efficient activity in a company isn’t obtained after a single course. Therefore, after a training:

– Trainers actively work with trainees, on the job, on the topics delivered in the classroom;
– We follow up the changes that are implemented at the workplace;
– We evaluate the results of our activities through assessments, contests and periodic questionnaires regarding satisfaction of our participants.

Training program vs Isolated actions

Like we’ve previously said, we don’t believe in miracles. We know for sure that there is no magic wand. We tell you honestly that out of respect for your company and the money you wish to invest in our training program. After going to the gym for one day, when you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day, you surely won’t see a man with a six-pack. But if you go to the gym for two or three months, every day, at some point, you will see the much-desired “six-pack” in the mirror.

And this is how we also believe that our training program that contains lesser classroom courses and more one-to-one interactions, will make you understand and apply the things you desire so much.

On Court Coaching

The truth is that there’s no perfect job – from artists, to engineers, to therapists – absolutely anyone can focus on the less pleasant aspects of the job. But, with some effort, they can focus on the pleasant aspects and enjoy their job.

‘On court coaching’ is a concept that combines empathy, understanding and calm of a coaching session with assertiveness, sincerity and involvement of a performance sports coach. We do hair-splitting together with the coachee and discuss what works, what doesn’t and how we change for the better. Honestly, we don’t receive any medals or sponsorships from Nike, but we make sure that the effort “in  the field” leads to positive results for the company.

But as we’ve said from the beginning, there is no perfection – so probably the most important thing is to learn to find the inner motivation and enthusiasm of every day’s work, to make out of the current situation the best possible experience.

Those that are ‘at the forefront‘, they’re the ones who will shape the future of your business.

Expensive investments in marketing proves to be useless in a situation when the customer experiences a negative situation with those that are in the first line – such as in a call center, behind a counter, in front of a stand , so on and so forth.

Blue collar

We believe that the company’s image is been given, out of all, by a colleague that is at the cash register, at the stand, at the bank office, at the hotel reception desk or the medical clinic’s desk, or by the one that’s on the field and visiting their clients.

All these people represent our main target. There are many of them, everyone has a variety of training and engagement, they’re spread through different locations and areas. They’re eager for attention, to being trained, they’re eager to express their ideas and put across their observations about how things can be done better. We’re the ones who reach them. We’re the ones who are trying to do our best to exploit their inner resources.

We consider ourselves as the ‘Myth Busters’ who are trying hard to demolish the “company’s folklore” idea which slows down their performance and development. We’re the ones who focus on the things that need utter improvement. We’re the ones who work side by side with them to see how they can perform better.

Real hub
real results

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it once again – we do care about results – on the short term, but especially on the long term. Therefore, following the collaboration, we offer two unique benefits:

1. A true Hub that integrates training and non-training tools (From courses to consultancy in organizational culture, from coaching to internal competitions, from recruitment to design of company procedures). All these tools, used with the focus on what people and the organization need, will lead in obtaining better and more stable results. We use all these tools from our “personal toolkit” in such a way that all participants in our program will have the greatest chances for a healthy and continuous development.

Shortly said, we have the “complete kit” to ensure that your employees remain motivated and anchored in the lessons that they’ve learned during the training and coaching sessions.

2. Networking is a buzzword and it tends to make you think of those meetings where you would hold a glass in your hand, you would walk around a room and exchange business cards. Well, we believe, instead, it can mean something else, and that would be an aggregation of a network of multiple good companies and good people, which produces a good quality of things and services, who trust each other and that know and use with confidence and joy, other’s services and products.

We admire kind people and that’s why we’ve dedicated our lives working with and for them. In that sense, that’s why we strongly believe it’s good and we thrive to build up relations between our customers – it builds a network of good people and good companies.

Therefore, whenever we hear of opportunities that might be able to connect our customers, we share those contacts, we speak nicely about them, we wholeheartedly recommend them.

Personal development leads to a developed organization

‘There’s nothing new in the title on the left’, everyone says it. It’s just that we do it slightly more different

The main value that binds us, the Training Hub team, is the following: We don’t believe that there are good or bad people, but there are just people who haven’t yet discovered their true and real potential. For this exact reason, we’ve sought to find ways to approach trainees in a way that’s not considered as  “A boring stream of information ” – but to be an opportunity for those that are in front of us to be able to open up, to get to know themselves and to be able to exceed in their career.

Therefore, all of the trainer from us is ANC (National Agency for Certification) certified with Trainer and Personal Development Advisors. We ensure that we don’t waste time doing just something – but we bring up to light skills, affinities and talents that lie within each of the employees of any company.

We avoid organizing "Open" courses

We know, it may seem a little strange, but we’re not fans of “Open” courses, we’re fans of Simona Halep or Marius Copil, by participating (and winning) in some Tennis Open competitions 😊

During our classes, we attempt to tailor specificities of the participants work as much as possible, we prefer to discuss everything in more detail or to provide more specific examples to our clients.

We aim to avoid class groups in which we would have a variety of people from different companies. We prefer effective results over the payment, we particularly like happy trainees that are glad we’ve helped them with their job, teaching them more than general concepts, which are 100% applicable in each of the above-mentioned companies. 😊

Tailor made, we do classes for you

We document ourselves one or two months before the start of any training program. We offer questionnaires, we perform workshops, we talk to people from management, we discuss anything
and everything with people from the lathe or that behind the counter.

We try to understand the company, the people who set it in motion, its mission, vision and values. We tailor the training course program, which is especially designed for your company. We do it with love for people, with respect for the company and with a focus on achieving sustainable results.