What we know to do?

Well, we do a lot of things as we are THE HUB, right? 😊

See down below everything we know to do.



How many times has it happened to you, you’re engaged in a professional or personal conversation with someone and out of nowhere the anger sets in, apparently, for no reason? Or to end up arguing with someone, only for you to say “Hmm, I wonder why we started arguing? Or, what was it about?

You could possibly even ask yourself, how many times have I missed out on that deadline? Just because things weren’t going your way.

Fortunately, you’re not alone – as hard as it is to believe, this happens to the most of us. What we haven’t been taught over time, is that any kind of communication form is expressed with more than words. Along the conversation itself, we also have and use body language, tone, gaze/look, emotional state, triggers from the past that are suddenly not helping, personal interests that we may not be aware of. And these are just a few examples!

Does it sound complicated? It’s okay, that’s why we’re here!

Our main mission is to simplify conversations, actions and cooperation for you and for your colleagues. Let us show you what you’re thinking methods, communication and your actions patterns are, as they could potentially be the reason why you might find yourself in a “blind spot”, and what you can do to make yourself better understood and understand those around you clearer

On Court coaching

Performance isn’t strictly dedicated to athletes, but now it’s also accessible for employees of any company that are ready to move up to the next level. Just as Darren coaches Simona, we also take care of our coachees.
Along with the useful, efficient and easy to implement advice, we also make sure that we represent a real support for them – we understand them, we discuss everything with them, we reach a consensus, in which both parties are satisfied with the result.

Why do we do this?
For the employer:
– The employee becomes motivated, responsible, emotionally balanced and willing to be actively involved with the job tasks;
– We open and maintain healthy communication channels between customer, employee and company;
– The employee learns to focus on solutions, not on the problem.

For the employee:
– His dissatisfaction, frustrations and feelings of injustice are listened to – and then it is resolved through a favorable option for all those involved;
– Learns to outline their own professional development plan, which they can implement and maintain in the long run;
– Learns to use their individual resources to the fullest, resulting in a confident, satisfied and motivated attitude.

Espresso Training

Information is a valuable asset. However, at the same time, that information becomes essential when it is put into practice – that’s why we’ve conceived the idea for “Espresso Training”. Each one of us has their own things to be improved or challenges to overcome. Therefore, after we assure ourselves that the general information is understood by everyone, we go deep into the details.

From a broad topic, we focus on the information that our trainee needs the most. As we value everyone’s time and we know how precious it is, we’ve decided to offer short training sessions of one hour, in a one-to-one interaction, we emphasize the necessary information to the trainee and we make sure to also put into practice.

It’s not complicated at all, it’s really simple and effective for everyone involved. Espresso Training focuses ‘on the job’ tasks so our trainee has the opportunity to immediately put into practice what he has learned from us. We customize the interaction with each one of our students to ensure that we‘ve met their exact needs, and that the lessons they’ve learned, will remain with him in the long run.

Employee performance monitoring

Frankly, nobody likes to be monitored. With that being said, that’s the reason we’ve created a program that won’t make the employee feel judged, but understood.

How do we do that?
We go with the employee on the field, we pay visits to their clients together with them, we stay in retail locations and we talk openly about everything that is important. Some examples are:
– The best methods on performance;
– More efficient communication with their superiors and customers;
– How to set realistic goals that we can accomplish.

Why do we do this?
– We don’t like the situations in which employees can become stressed with any general feedback;
– We know that there are more effective ways to motivate employees to perform at high standards;
– Last but not least, depending on the role they’ve undertaken in the company, there are specific needs, anxieties/worries and dissatisfaction, which we address in an open, gentle and fair way for everyone involved.

Mystery shopping

We believe that the way employees of a certain company behave with their customers will make the difference between a future loyal customer and a bad review. Therefore, to ensure that we objectively understand the behavior of people in your company, we offer Mystery Shopping services.

We use our objectivity and directly test your company’s products or services. After that, we can draw the line and see what works and what doesn’t. We work on what is deficient and encourage what is done well.

Assessment center evaluation

Any company needs to evaluate its employees from – time, fatigue or personal problems- type of view, factors that can affect team performance and, without attention and consideration and involvement/engagement, it can lead to major long-term losses.

The time when punishment, fear and intimidation were the pillars of evaluation, has ended. Now, encouragement, open communication and wise goals, dictate the success of a team.
We have over 3000 active evaluations and we are ANC certified as Competency Evaluator/Assessor.

Team Building

As “fashionable” as they were in the past, managers are just as skeptical when approving a Teambuilding today. Almost uniformly we hear the “Team drinking” expression, various events from previous parties are evoked. You could almost count the locations where (still) a party animal group is received.

Other organizations evoke the occasion when, in the middle of the night, the participants search the forest to find a colleague captured by the “enemy from the competition” , or how hard it was to build a huge maze of… cardboard boxes. Such fun…

Well, we believe that Teambuilding, without specific designated tasks to address, is like a wedding in numerous families: if you don’t invite them they get upset, if you invite them they don’t want to come and in the case they decide to come, you manage to please a maximum of 40% of the participants, everyone concluding that could have been much better.

Teambuilding needs to have thematic subjects, a combination of serious with funny discussions, but with solid topics, it is good to clarify things and to rebuild professional/work-related relationships between people or between teams within the company.

We organize them nicely, we adapt them on the specificity of the organization, we create each exercise from scratch and … we also take care of the aspect of the participants to have enough free time so that they can enjoy the beautiful places where they are invited by the company.


It’s a pleasant feeling to be the Employee of the Month or the Employee of the Year. It’s nice to be the Best Seller. It’s even better to have a diploma, a picture at work, a badge that shows all the achievements you’ve accomplished to those you care about.

It’s also great when you receive these distinctions after a complex, fair, transparent contest, with equal chances of winning, with relevant phases and attractive prizes.

Well, we know how to design and organize such contests and we’ve observed that employee engagement increases as it can pave the way for future elites, create a promotion pool, to have fun and to keep employees motivated at high levels.

Creating training concepts

If you already have an internal training team, all you need is a program that fits perfectly with the needs of your company. That’s why we’re here!

We create customized trainings in accordance to your business requirements that you can use as much as you want and how you want. We understand the current situation of the company, what employees need to learn and how they like/prefer to communicate – then we create a program that is easy to understand, flexible and easy to be implemented. We do “Train the Trainers” with everyone and keep in touch with them even during the delivery moment so to adjust the concept and that it has a greater impact on your organization.


We’ll be honest with you: we don’t like tests of any kind. Nor personality, IQ, EQ or math’s tests. What we like is to evaluate people by who they are, not by the high or low score that’s written on a piece of paper.

Therefore, we don’t provide tests of any kind here, at The Training Hub. And that’s just because the success rate is 11% at the interviews but 60% through the ‘Assessment Center’ method.

Our recruitment process differs from the classic ones because we allocate a full day getting to really know the candidates. We do that to put them in unforeseen situations, to carefully observe them and to make sure that their profile perfectly matches with what the employer is looking for.

Operational training

The know-how to use a cash register isn’t difficult at all, right? But the know-how to use a cash register while having 5 people in the queue can be different, your head hurts and you end up having a misunderstanding with your boss, well that’s a little bit more complicated.

The Operational Training at The Training Hub is more than a set of instructions – it’s a range of methods that help employees overcome obstacles at work, regardless of the situation.

We spend a whole days with the employees, we see what the situations are, and we find solutions. Then we help them create a thinking system based on finding solutions, a practical way which helps them perform at work, regardless of the day.

Business consulting

We have years of experience in retail, manufacturing, food, production field. And not just within training, but also in the Sales, Marketing and Procedures segments. We rely on this type of experience, on common sense and on the slightly more detached and macro overview at some aspects that people take for granted as being unchangeable just because this is “how they’ve been in the past”. We’re looking for the quickest wins, we are looking for the most effective measures that will produce long-term effects and with significant benefits.

Motivation and incentive programs

You compliment, you press the “like” button, you notice the new haircut – that’s how you show off to your friends, that you appreciate them. But how do you show the same thing to your employees? How do you ensure that they remain motivated in the long run, ensuring there’s no unhealthy competition between them, or that they don’t create frustration or friction by believing that they are being misjudged?

We’ve all been taught that motivating an employee is done through money, but most of the time, this method doesn’t work. To keep a fulfilled and motivated employee on the long run, you don’t need to allocate colossal budgets or expensive vacations. Most of the time, understanding his need for validation and responding accordingly to it, will have remarkable results with minimal effort.

We teach you how to understand better your employees, how to authentically communicate their recognition and how to create a better relationship with them.

Internal communication

Communication is one of the main pillars of a successful team. That’s why we welcome you with a creative and easy-to-digest methods, in regards to communication with your employees.
We see what information is of interest to employees and we beautify it so that they can read it as they would be reading their favorite novel. 

We designed also a some very readable internal newsletters and we loved it.
Announcements, deadlines, organizational changes – all these details that are “forgotten” or “not received” so many times, now transmitted in ways that will guarantee them reading it.

By the way, we don’t take responsibility for a possible Pulitzer nomination 😊

Diagnosis of organizational culture

We analyze all aspects that lead to blockages, misunderstandings, communication problems, anything that could lead to misinformation in communication and cooperation rhythm. We analyze the way appointments, meetings are held, the way tasks are formulated, how the results are reported and analyzed, how the achievements are rewarded and how the failures are treated.

We place great value on companies that, at their turn, are greatly valued on building up an organizational culture based on ‘Mission – Vision – Values’ concept. It is important to define these three elements, but it is even more important, for the people in these organizations to feel and apply these three elements on a daily basis.

We do our best to spread the actions that led to good things and to limit the actions that generally lead to bad things.

Creating procedures

Procedures aren’t the easiest things to comprehend, for most people in a company, but also for those that create them. Procedures aren’t something you wish to have on your bedside table. They’re something to be read either after the event has happened or before a procedure test.

We believe that nothing is possible without procedures. We also believe that they represent the secure foundation and base that allows creativity to develop in the areas where creativity is really needed. Procedures usually take out much of the stress of the newcomer and the misunderstandings between the senior colleagues on the team. It eliminates throwing blame onto someone else, it helps to continuously meet deadlines and allocates resources efficiently. And many more.

For this to happen, the procedures need to be well written and clear. It has to have empathy towards the reader, a care for language, close attention to the quantity and quality of words. We know how to do this, we want to do this and we believe that well-written procedures can make the difference between the way a company can function correctly.